A bouncing baby… whale?

A bouncing baby whaleCaptain’s Log: Star date 2013… The crew is restless after my attempt at crawfish curry… Oh wait, this is a blog? Sorry wrong reference.

Hey Fins! So here we are, at my next step toward world domination by way of the Interweb and Social Media… a Blog! Although, saying that out loud sounds like I have gnarg (gnarg=mucus and snot mixed together). Anyway… It is my goal in this blog to share my views on the world from my perspective and tell you about things that are going on with me, my volunteers, Route 66 and my awesome home town of Catoosa, OK. You will be able to subscribe to my blog via rss feed or email. If for nothing else but, to be able to say “I subscribe to a blog” like the other hipsters and yahoos.

A little about me. I was born in Catoosa, OK in what seemed like an interminable gestation period of 2 years from 1970 to 1972. My “Parents” were Hugh & Zelta Davis. I came about one day from a glint in Hugh’s eye. No really… a glint is something from Africa or South America or somewhere and is shaped like a whale, I think. Well I guess the whale shaped glint was a powerful subliminal hint that he should bring me about. The fact that I’m the color blue is just another reason that I’m awesome and special. At least that’s what Hugh and Zelta told me.

Although that story is mostly true, you might visit my About page to help clean up a few of the details I may have left out C>( I hope to see you on my new website and visiting me at my pond. Please share my news with anyone you care about because, once they hang out with me for a bit, they’ll know you love them!

Now…Phasers set on stun, Make it so Number 1….and give Number 2 a bath. He stinks.

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